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Design Tips for a Modern Luxury Penthouse

luxury penthouse show flat living room

We are proud to present the exclusively designed penthouse show flat for the prestigious 9 Lions Residences development. To start, our aim was to create a space with an underlying foundation of traditional and current values and styles. We wanted to create a home, that could be appreciated and enjoyed by all potential clientele. Moreover, this apartment reflects luxury Mediterranean living and its unique lifestyle, with an infusion of grandeur and opulence.

luxury penthouse show flat decoration
luxury penthouse show flat dining table

The interior scheme of this Luxury Penthouse Show Flat is mainly made up metallic lacquers, succulent velvets, bronzed mirrors and metals. In contrast, the tones and materials are mostly natural and neutral base. We used deep blues, pale marine, and blush tones accentuated with Mediterranean design elements.

luxury penthouse show flat kitchen
Blackshaw bedroom

Mediterranean lifestyle

Furthermore, the bedrooms are a divine combination of natural materials mixed together with luxurious fabrics. We added bespoke details, such as the a padded chevron stitched headboard to give a luxurious feel. Making it a perfect sanctuary to relax and unwind from the routines. In addition, we used high end quality furnishings, fixtures and fittings throughout the penthouse. Subsequently, this penthouse provides timeless and practical solutions for comfortable everyday living.

luxury penthouse show flat terrace