Casa Tua Restaurant

The opening of a new family venture. Turning a bistro in the old town of Marbella into an industrial and vintage, but contemporary venue for fine Italian dining.

Casa Tua Restaurant exterior details
Casa Tua Restaurant kitchen
Casa Tua Restaurant wine

“Olive Green and a Feeling of Home”

Casa Tua Restaurant menu board
Casa Tua Restaurant menu

Alfresco Dining Experience

The ambition of this renovation was to bring the meaning of Casa Tua - “Your home” to life by brightening up the space and giving it instant new light. Dark wood was white grain washed along with the black iron bars on the windows, which were given an antique white wash for a fresh look. Accents of olive green and earthy tones were used for the reupholstering of the benches referencing to the Italian roots of the restaurant. The letterforms of the logo reference a personal signature and provide a sense of elegance as well as resonating with the personal service of a bistro. Taking care of small details such as shaping the bougainvillea and placing shooting floodlights on the facade gave this project a polished final touch.

Casa Tua Restaurant interior