Family Villa with Apartment

16 week renovation project of turning an old villa into a contemporary style living space with two different residences: a 3 bedroom house with a 2 bedroom apartment.

Blackshaw Villa Eden Exterior
Two Residence Family Villa Pool And Terrace

“Exclusive Outdoor Lounge Area”

Family Villa With Apartment Terrace
Blackshaw Villa Eden Entrance Way

Contemporary Family Living

This house boasts unique distribution, because it has one main villa and a separate apartment under the terrace area. The 3 bedroom villa with en-suite bathrooms and 2 bedroom apartment are both on one level, making it a convenient and comfortable living space for different types of families. The abundance of outdoor space and mesmerizing mountain views called for a dynamic terrace area with pool, that can be enjoyed all day long. To make the most of the vast garden and bring the outside in, terrace windows with glass balustrades were added to the bedrooms.

Blackshaw Villa Eden Pool
Family Villa with Apartment Entrance Door
Blackshaw Villa Eden Garden
Family Villa with Apartment