Modern Luxury Penthouse

A modern luxury penthouse perfect as a holiday home on the first line of Marbella beach, designed for ultimate luxury living.


Compact Luxury

This modern luxury penthouse on the first line of Marbella beach is a perfect example of compact luxury. Every detail in this holiday home serves a purpose. Our aim was to utilize all given room and create a feeling of more space. Furthermore, we incorporated the views form outside to create an indoor-outdoor living fit for the Mediterranean lifestyle. Also, this home features high specification furniture from some of the most renowned luxury furniture brands.  The art-like lighting solutions are by Bocci, soft furnishings by Rolf Benz and bespoke furniture by Sovet Italia. So, the signature touch of Blackshaw can be felt through the exclusive interior design.


Indoor-outdoor Living

To start, the doors from the lounge to the terrace are very fine framed bi-folding doors. Therefore, creating a continuation of the space and making it feel like the terrace is part of the living room. Moreover, the single pleated curtains take as little space as possible not to obscure any of the beautiful views of the sea and palm trees. The overall aesthetic is very tasteful, playing with natural tones and textures with black details for definition. In addition, we used natural wooden floors to bring nature even closer to home.


Designed for Holiday Lifestyle

The master bedroom features bespoke made floating side tables from walnut wood and subtle diffused light behind the custom headboard. This creates a beautiful glow onto the ribbed panelling. There is also a little cinema room that can easily be turned into a guest bedroom by joining the two chairs into a cosy sofa bed.


"Functionality Meets Luxury"