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Contemporary Apartment Makeover

Delicate Living Room fireplace

The relaxed Mediterranean lifestyle of Costa del Sol calls for modern living spaces that maximise the Marbella sunlight and give a feeling of space and tranquility. In this post, we will share some ideas and design tips on how to great contemporary, yet luxurious living spaces for apartments.

Delicate Living Room blue chars living

High Ceilings and Delicate Details

High ceilings is the keyword, when it comes to modern and spacious apartments. To make the most out of the high ceilings, accentuate them with LED lights that add ambience and an airy feeling to the place. Also, another tip is to use delicate decorations, that play with light, but doesn’t take up too much space. Nowadays, creating illusions and making the most of the space is the secret to designing contemporary apartments.

Delicate Living Room living room view
Delicate Living Room wall decoration

Neutral Colour Palette

In order to create more space, choose a neutral colour palette with different shades of greys, white, nudes and pastels. To add some character to your living area, use bold accent colours such as blue or green for contrast. Moreover, choosing a neutral colour palette is also sensible if you need to make any changes to the interior scheme in the future. Just by adding new accents to the neutral colour scheme you can totally change the atmosphere of your apartment.

Delicate Living Room dining table
Delicate Living Room coffee table

Accentuating the views

Bringing the outside in, is one of the easiest ways to give more space and room to small apartments. Take most of the views and natural sunlight and let them enter your home through floor to ceiling windows. For the nocturnal hours, play with different curtain textures. This way you can dim down the natural light and create ambience.

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