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Luxury Holiday Penthouse in Benahavis

Luxury Penthouse Apartment Living Room

Luxury Penthouse by Blackshaw

We were over the moon to get our hands on a project that was a clean slate without so much a cushion in sight. The developers left this newly built luxury penthouse ready to be turned into a home. White blessed every wall and surface in sight, so we could really create anything the client desired.

Luxury Penthouse Apartment Dining Table
Luxury Penthouse Apartment Dining Table
Luxury Penthouse Apartment Open Plan Living Area

Fringing Interior

Forget your pom-poms and tassels, you are welcomed into this home with fringing. This growing trend has been stirring things up in the interiors world and there appears to be a bit of a divide when it comes to those that are willing to embrace it and those that won’t. Marmite or not, we are all for a bit of extra decorative detail. Fringing hones in on our senses with the anticipated soft swish and tactile silkiness to it that brings our spaces alive.

Luxury Penthouse Apartment Kitchen
Luxury Penthouse Apartment Entrance
Luxury Penthouse Apartment Kitchen

Open-Plan Living

Onto open-plan living, where we are instantly hit with warmth. Think sunshine yellows, subtle brass details, ever-classic Carrara marble teamed with black stained oak furniture and bespoke carpentry with heaps of textures. Moreover, we chose the corner sofa to divide the space and provide maximum seating needed. However, it’s filled with feathers that give a divine feeling of sinking into heaven. Privacy was a factor, so we installed both voiles and curtains. The voiles allow for a glow and plenty of light to flood the space but provide a layer of privacy. We brought a twinkle to the corner with these hanging pendants. We love juxtaposition of the smoothness of two-tone marble together with clear glass.

Luxury Penthouse Apartment Living Room Sofa
Luxury Penthouse Apartment Living Room Table
Luxury Penthouse Apartment Hanging Lights

Luxury Meets Comfort in Bedrooms

Bedrooms were tight, but client choose comfort over space. They preferred large and luxurious mattress over more space in the bedroom. We chose a compact bedside light and table in one attached to the wall. These provide the necessities for a holiday home, a direct USB charger and space for a glass of water/novel. Moreover, the bedrooms feature fully upholstered bespoke beds with a hand-picked fabric. In addition, we used fabric wall covering behind the headboard to give a soft feeling

Luxury Penthouse Apartment Master Bedroom
Luxury Penthouse Apartment Green Bedroom
Luxury Penthouse Apartment Bedside Table
Luxury Penthouse Apartment Emerald Green Bedroom

Bespoke Rugs

Rugs are used in every room. We see rugs in our homes as shoes are to a well-dressed outfit. You wouldn’t go to the trouble of selecting your best outfit for a night out and then go barefooted. It’s the same principle with rugs. Shoes complete an outfit and, in some instances, will actually outshine what you’re wearing. It’s the same with rugs. They can be a game changer on how a room looks and feels. Throughout this apartment we’ve used rugs in harmony with our design. They can make a statement by adding an element of surprise.

Luxury Penthouse Apartment Taupe Bedroom
Luxury Penthouse Apartment Bedroom Bedside Table
Luxury Penthouse Apartment Bedroom Curtains

Indoor-Outdoor Living

The spacious terrace with breathtaking views of the surroundings serves for different purposes. From an outdoor living area to a dining area, making sure the indoor-outdoor living is maximised to the fullest. This penthouse is a fine example of how our team of professionals takes care of everything. Down to the last velvet cushion on your sofa everything is thought through. Therefore, all you have to do us move into your new home and start living.

Luxury Penthouse Apartment Terrace Views
Luxury Penthouse Apartment Balcony
Luxury Penthouse Apartment Terrace Dining Table
Luxury Penthouse Apartment Outdoor Sitting Area