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Property Development in Marbella


Blackshaw is Developing Properties


Over the last few years, Blackshaw has been turning dated properties in Marbella into new luxury homes ready for family living. Blackshaw is a known interior designer with an in-house construction company on the coast for over 12 years. Due to the rising interest from previous clients, they have developed a new sector within Blackshaw. A team of experts working exclusively with property development in Marbella.

Never compromising on exclusivity, there are only three or four Blackshaw investment projects currently running each year. With all the knowledge and experience of their team, they quickly recognise a good investment opportunity when they see one.


Property Development in Marbella by Blackshaw


Blackshaw works together with an in-house building team in their office in Marbella. The advantage of working with the same team is a guaranteed level of standards and high-quality services. As well as, easy communication for the client. Since, they only need to deal with one or two professionals leading the project. Moreover, Blackshaw always builds houses with a slightly different twist. Therefore, their excellent track record in recent sales is just one of the reasons why investors trust them to know what sells.


Sally Blackshaw: “We are dedicated and motivated by the transformation we create with each project.”


Full Process

Firstly, an investment project by Blackshaw starts with finding the right property. They offer a variety of properties in different scale and value currently on the market. However, the main difference from other investment companies in the area, is that Blackshaw can design and renovate houses with the end-user in mind. Moreover, having previously designed homes for private clients, they are pre-conditioned to deliver homes that are finished to the highest standards and designed to be lived in. They focus on the details, do everything bespoke and don’t cut corners. So, they can be proud of the way each house has been put together, whether it’s for an investment project or for a private client.


Currently, the future investment projects in the pipeline for Blackshaw involve a 5 story villa in one of the most exclusive areas of Barcelona and a new build villa in Las Brisas, Marbella. The Blackshaw team is looking forward to see what 2021 brings for private investors, new builds and renovations.

Contact Sally Blackshaw and her team to see what potential investment projects they have available in your most desired area at [email protected]!