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Interior Design in Marbella



The art of Interior Design

We at Blackshaw believe, that art comes in many forms, colours and shapes. After all, designing a home or space is an art in itself. Interior design is the art and innovation of making indoor/outdoor spaces beautiful, safe, and functional. Done by shaping space requirements and selecting vital and ornate things, such as colours, materials and furniture.

Having been an established interior design company with an in-house construction company for over 12 years. Blackshaw is an expert when it comes to interior design in Marbella. Keeping the balance in any design is key to creating a visually pleasing space that doesn’t only look good but also makes you feel good. Interior design is not just beautifying a space, it’s building a foundation, harmony, bringing an imagination to life through careful detail and creativity.


Interior Design in Marbella

More often than not, new builds can appear quite cold and personality lacking. This is why it’s important to inject the feeling of warmth when furnishing. Whilst entering this luxury penthouse in the heart of Marbella, one is welcomed with gold tones that are paired with warm grey tinted wood within the open plan living space. Similarly, Wood always brings an instant feeling of warmth to a space. Vibrant pops of blue were added for life and to bring everything together.


From Interior to Exterior

Marbella is a charming coastal town where we offer the most élite interior design and construction services. Many buildings in Marbella are longstanding and could defiantly use an upgrade, our facilities also include refurbishing/restoration if you want to continue maintain the charm of your property and renovations for when you want to give the place a modern look. Sometimes discussions on how to preserve or change your property can be difficult. Therefore, we also offer exclusive consultation with life-like visual presentations and mood boards to help you see your vision.


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